Kids’ Corner


This section is for kids and their families – kids who are familiar with stage performance; kids who are trying out for a play for the first time.  Information found on these pages relates to how kids can prepare themselves for the stage. There will be informational pages about  ‘Following Stage Directions,’ ‘Analyzing a Character,’ ‘Performance Goals,’ and ‘Auditioning for a Part’

“Analyzing a Character” – sometimes a character is specifically described by the playwright and he/she wants the role played accordingly. However, sometimes an actor is given leeway in ‘creating’ the character based on those actors he/she interacts with.

Many times the actor’s own personality comes into play; other times in developing a character the actor develops personally as well. Theater generates many qualities, that is why our ‘New Artists Productions Mission Statement,’ comes into play with each production.

As with all theater, New Artists Productions operations are a collaborative effort. Being involved in theater has little to do with creating a ‘star’ performer. The objective of rehearsing and presenting a production is to provide children with opportunities to develop life skills and have fun.

We also will identify, in our What’s Happenin’ section, information on upcoming auditions, rehearsals, interesting events and shows of interest to New Artists participants, information about other programs we are involved in.

A ‘Notes for the Cast’ document is available for viewing or downloading – it discusses Reading and Analyzing a Script, Marking the Script, How to Memorize Lines, and Becoming the Character.

** There will also be theater puzzles and games available for those who visit the page. (Check Back Soon!) **

Kids who have been in our program will be able to see their ranking for Participation Awards and view Cast Photos from prior shows. This section is intended to not only reward the participants for their involvement through recognition; it is also intended to inspire kids to either get involved or stay involved for person interest, personal growth, or just to have fun. This section is designed to be a fun, learning experience for the everyone’s enjoyment, especially the kids.