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Kids’ Corner

Performance guides identify important information for those who are familiar with stage performance or those who are trying out for a play for the first time. 

New Artists Productions provides detailed and thorough information as it relates to stage preparation and education. Reviewing the following linked pages will give great insight into our program offerings. 

But, reading is one thing; acting is what performance is all about. It comes into play immediately through "Characterization." How a role is played is vital to the success of the production. Characterization is usually left up to the actor or the director; however, sometimes the playwright defines how the role is to be presented to the audience and the other cast members.

When an actor and/or director is given leeway in 'creating' the character; the portrayal is based on interpretation of their script and desired interaction with other cast members.

Many times, the actor’s own personality comes into play. Other times, in creating a character's personality, the actor develops personally as well. Theater generates many qualities, that is why our Vision, Philosophy, and Mission are present in each production.

Our Ultimate Mission: “New Artists Productions, Inc.seeks to encourage young talent in the pursuit of Theater Arts while developing self-awareness, self-worth, and self-confidence.  

As with all theater, New Artists Productions operations are a collaborative effort. Involvement in theater has little to do with creating a ‘star’ performer. The objective of rehearsing and presenting a production is to provide children with opportunities to develop life skills while having fun.

Another performance guide with tips on Reading and Analyzing a Script, Marking the Script, How to Memorize Lines, and Becoming the Character: ‘Notes for the Cast’ is available for download. These pages are so important for young people to become strong actors on the stage and strong citizens. 

Proudly, New Artists Productions is not a competition. The program helps young actors gain from their experiences on stage and by interacting with youth of a like-mind. Through participation, we hope to inspire kids to either get involved or stay involved for person interest, personal growth, or just to have fun.