How To Start A Youth Theater


Due to years passing, we at New Artists Productions have defined and reformed our plan for keeping our community youth theater program viable for the kids in our community, their families, our supporters, and the entire South Coast of Oregon. It is not an easy task to do as times change, so must we, but if the intent is good and the interest is there, anything is possible.

In this section you will discover how to formulate a plan and develop a program for community youth theater education – these ideas and procedures are applicable to the formation of either a non-profit, not-for-profit, or profitable program.

We will offer helpful hints and tips, resource links, typical annual budget considerations, elements of stagecraft, and staging a play: costumes and makeup, lighting and sound, and set design.

We have put together a Scheduling Timeline for your review and possible application to your season of shows. We find it helpful in our planning; hoping you will also.

Note: Do not be overwhelmed by the timeline content. This is a good planning tool and can be altered through choice of play/production project. New Artists Productions produces major stage plays and we find we need this detailed time projection for ‘brainstorming’ our approach and for making the production successfully happen.