On this page we offer some helpful hints and links for you to review if you are in need of: Fundraising Techniques and Links to useful sites for Costume Ideas and Dramatic or Musical Scripts.

Let’s get started:

Fundraising/Getting-the-Word Out Techniques:

  • Letters to annual subscribers
    1. Letters of explanation
    2. Ad layout sheet for Playbill Ads
  • Community Businesses:
    1. Personal contact – with description of ad opportunities left with businesses
    2. Talk with parents of cast members – if they have businesses or work (boss might advertise)
  • Sponsors – use pre-designed ad or logo in playbill and/or lobby poster of sponsors
  • Cast members also have great ideas to raise awareness as well as funding: community discount card sales, car washes, candy bar sales, cookie dough pre-sales, Krispy Kreme Donut pre-sales (, bake sales, participation in local parades and events, handouts at the library. There is a whole host of ways to raise money without ‘begging’ or soliciting local businesses.
  • For programs which are year-round or operate by special project, Kickstarter ( offers opportunities to raise funds. In fact, it was through a Kickstarter campaign that this website project was funded.
  • If your group has a website, using PayPal ( to accept donations is a slick way too.
  • Selling memorabilia from your program – t-shirts, CDs, DVDs, posters, bumper stickers, hats, calendars, or photographs to family is a great source.

Costuming – The following are some helpful hints and resources for the costumer in the production. There are many resources for fabrics, notions, and crafting materials, but we have found the following information to be valuable when designing costumes. Additional links are listed below; links I have found invaluable in researching period costumes, costume design, and how the ‘wheel had already been invented.’

Resources for Costuming:

Scripts – The following list of publishing and distribution houses will benefit anyone who is trying to find that next play or musical to produce; a perusal copy of a play, or information about the just what plays and musicals are available for production.

Resources for Plays: