What’s In It For The Kids?


New Artists Productions offers kids an opportunity to play ‘Let’s Pretend.’ Back in the 1940s and early 1950s Dan remembered that there was the ‘Let’s Pretend’ radio show designed for children. The show allowed the listenter to be somebody different in the confines of their own living room. Imaginary character portrayal took place without costumes, makeup, or props; the transformation into character took place because the listener was forced to create all of those ideas and images within their imagination.

In our program we try to do the same thing – we offer the vehicle for kids to ‘pretend’ they are somebody else or some place else. Imagination spurs creativity, creativity spurs opportunity for personal development. We hear from kids and adults alike, ‘I have always wanted to try theater, but never had the chance or the time.’ We address this comment head-on; New Artists Productions opens the doors – ‘Try it! You just might like it!’

New Artists Productions is a non-profit, tax-exempt Performing Arts company providing free performance and training opportunities for students grades Kindergarten through 12. The program is offered at no cost to those who participate.